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Dr. Kallman specializes in Aesthetic Surgical procedures. These include Rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, eyelid and eyebrow lift surgeries and fat transfers. His particular area of interest lies in Rhinoplasty. He has lectured extensively in this discipline and enjoys the challenge of difficult primary and secondary Rhinoplasty. He has taken his Rhinoplasty results to another level of precision. He is meticulous at analyzing your nose pre-operatively and finding all the nuances that will bring your result to the next level.


Additionally, fat transfers have become and integral part of his surgical armamentarium, where traditional face lift procedures in the past have left patients looking better but not younger. With this technique, he can now bring back your youth!. Dr. Kallman takes great pride in having his patients describe his care as, “A Boutique Practice”. It is his belief that patient satisfaction comes not only from the expert surgical interventions, but also from providing superb care to his patients, from their initial contact, through all phases of their treatment.

He is fully trained in many of the new techniques in the field of Aesthetic surgery, and he maintains his skills through continuing medical education. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He Re-Certified his Plastic Surgery Board Certification in April of 2005 and 2015. He is one of the first doctors in South Florida to have this recertification. He is also fully trained and received his Board Certification in General Surgery in 1994. He attended medical school at New York University, where he received his M.D. degree, and residency training in General Surgery.


He completed his 5 years of General Surgery training here in Miami, then completed his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency at University of Tennessee at Memphis. After that, a one-year Aesthetic Fellowship under Dr. Lawrence Robbins in Miami Beach, Florida. He then entered private practice in 1993 in Miami Beach, with Dr. Robbins. He has been in solo private practice since 1998, upon Dr. Robbins’ retirement. 


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 "Not only did Dr. Kallman and his staff make the entire process effortless for me, but he also exceeded my expectations in regard to the results of my procedure. He made himself available at all times, before and after the procedure, and made me feel comfortable with my decision and results."

Roxanne Sperling

"He was always nice, a great guy, great sense of humor. He was honest about what was realistic for my face and always answered all my questions (and I had a lot, trust me). He's a great doctor and you can tell that he loves what he does."

Danielle Hudson

"Best decision I ever made! I was very nervous at first, but he made me feel so comfortable and now almost a year later, my nose looks amazing and so natural!  I took no pain medications, only regular strength Tylenol, had minimal bruising and was back to work after 8 days."

Chelsea Blake

"Dr. Kallman is a true artist. I do not believe it was an accident that his name was referred to me. I had rhinoplasty and a chin augmentation with Dr. Kallman  and I am loving my results. Each day that passes I am happier and happier."

Irina Sadovnic

 "If you are looking for a great surgeon that makes you feel like family, Dr. Kallman is definitely it. I am in love with my new nose and so happy I went with him. I still look like myself but better and my nose is now perfect! Highly recommended!"

Meghan Charles

"From initial consultation almost a year before surgery, to my most recent follow up, Dr. Kallman and his staff were professional yet friendly, making me feel like part of the family. He really took the time to understand the results I was looking for. I am 100% satisfied."

Isabella Green



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