fat injections

In the medical world, the fat injection procedure is known as autologous fat transplantation or microlipoinjection. It involves extracting fat cells from the patient’s abdomen, thighs, buttocks or elsewhere and reinjecting them beneath the facial skin. Fat is most often used to fill in “sunken” cheeks or laugh lines between the nose and mouth, to correct skin depressions or indentations, to minimize forehead wrinkles and to enhance the lips.


This technique is now “standard” for Dr. Kallman during his facelift procedures, to restore that youthful volume, you once had. Through painstaking review of thousands of patient photographs, he has identified the curious pattern of “fat aging”. This concept creates the basis for the restoration and replenishment of fat in certain areas. This allows Dr. Kallman to restore a youthful appearance to your face, while maintaining the balance of areas and not creating the stigmata of a facelift. No-one wants to hear the comment, “Who did your facelift?” He feels it’s better to be asked, “Gosh, you look terrific. Where did you go on vacation?”


This procedure can be done under sedation, as an isolated intervention and can turn back the clock of your facial aging, in less than a couple of hours of your time. Dr. Kallman believes this may be the, “MOST IMPORTANT” factor in restoring a youthful appearance. 

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