Rhinoplasty is performed to increase or decrease the size of your nose, change the way the tip or bridge looks, narrow the width of the nostrils, or change the angle between your nose and your upper lip. It should include a thorough check of blocked breathing passages that may have been the result of accident or a nasal deformity present at birth. Reshaping the nose is a delicate process that requires experience and tremendous skill.

The best candidates for rhinoplasty are people who are looking for improvement, not perfection, in the way they look.

 If you’re physically healthy, psychologically stable, and realistic in your expectations, you may be a good candidate. Rhinoplasty is performed to meet aesthetic goals and breathing problems. Dr. Kallman has also become a trusted source for repair of “less than desirable results”. In other words, he helps many patients regain their confidence using a variety of complex techniques developed over many years of practice. Restoring the beauty of a natural result, and not a “done looking appearance” to the nose, is the part of the surgery that requires a keen eye and sense of balance.

Most people who are in good overall physical and mental health may undergo rhinoplasty, although young patients may need to wait until their noses are finished growing. It’s important to consider teenagers’ social and emotional adjustment, too, and to make sure it’s what they, and not their parents, really want.

When choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon, it is important to select a doctor with skill and experience. Dr. Brandon Kallman can help you create a nose that fits in with your other features and looks natural. He can also help you understand the benefits and limitations of rhinoplasty, so that you can make the decision that is right for you. He analyzes your face during the consultation with the help of digital camera images and computer software, and brings to life some of those changes that can be made. It’s like having virtual surgery, its painless and completely reversible. Call the office today for your consultation and come see what the possibilities are…..

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